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Therapeutic Boarding Schools in the USA:

Narratives of Former Students

About the study


My research has focused on the experiences, perspectives, and narratives of former therapeutic boarding school students. Therapeutic boarding schools are residential facilities that seek to reform teenagers who are labelled with mental health and/or substance misuse problems. Therapeutic boarding schools are part of a broader so-called 'troubled teen industry' in the USA. The research is based on in-depth interviews with former therapeutic boarding school students. My work comes from a survivor-researcher and mad studies perspective that critiques the social control of youth deviance. 

You can read more in this open-access article:
Troubling the ‘troubled teen’ industry: Adult reflections on youth experiences of therapeutic boarding schools.

The study is now closed to new participants


There has been a lot of interest in the study, which is great! The data collection stage has now been completed. Therefore no new participants are being sought at this time. Thank you so much to everyone who participated, and to everyone who has shown interest in this work.




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